Before understand & use  astrological remedy. we have to learn some basic things, those are very necessary  without those person can go on wrong path & could confuse. So, before learn those do not try to do any remedies.
First thing come in the mind , basically for remedies we have to do work on which system & what the basic of that.
In astrology we basically work on the heavens body like plants,stars, stars-group. After that on elements air, water, earth, fire.  So basically picture like that we are on earth surrounding of us whole universe, in that universe negative & positive waves moving. when any waves strike any object or body it react positively, negatively or neutral manner. After strike any objects this waves characteristic also
get change according object nature. In astrology  we consider Sun as a main energy source, rays just start from there , between the way they strike planets, objects and reach up-to earth and at last just strike human body.  in path between sun to human which objects it strike just absorb some characteristic of that object and lose some characteristic of own .
In astrology we take human body like receiver, which characteristic get fixed on his birth time.As fixed all objects & element. To clear it we take the example of fire, as we give more heat to fire it flame more high means heat suit to fire and it develop more to it. As same human characteristic get fixed on his birth time. Example- In daily life we see many people who get angry very easily. So there nature got fixed , if you want as you will not got struck with those people , you try to talk less or just point to point talk with those. It is simple precaution. But if that type person your sun , brother or any close,then you want as his nature should be change for his better life. For that we again use fire example , if we need to control fire flame, will give control heat. if fire become very high to reduce use some anti fire element like soil, if like to just close fire we use water totally anti element of fire. This same happened with human ,we see basic characteristic of human with the help of astrology,then check which characteristic is good or bad for his life .And with help of elements, puja, process just try to increases the positive and decreases the negative.
I hope System must be clear in your mind now.if any more question or doubt then just create topic and put your question in discussion Tab. we try to solve all those .
After system  need to understand tool . Basically in astrology tool means birth chart, birth detail, your hand, your body, your nature  many thing use by which astrologer try to know about your body's positive & negative energy.
About Tool we will talk in next post till then bye, take care.