Astro Remedy-Tool

In astrology to use remedy first we have to identify the problem .To identify the problem Astrologer use many type Tools , in which some of those we will discus here.
1. Birth Chart
Basically birth chart describe planets position  at the birth time of person. In this chart many graph, calculation and values shown. In that most important is Ascendant( Lagna) chart , basically for remedies we will use only this so we will talk only about it here. Ascendant chart basically a figure by two rectangle and cut by two diagonal. See pic for understand more.

So its divide in 12 parts which called Houses(ghar), every house(ghar) have own properties and belong to person life a specific segment. we count houses anti-clockwise see pic.

So, above chart we mention which house belong person life which particular segment.
After that comes Star sign(rashi) in chart. There use 12 sign as follow-

Last and third one are Planets-

So above all the parts of  Ascendant( Lagna) chart. Next post , we will talk about these all part role and importance in Astro Remedy.