Astrology And Remedies

When we talk about astrology, then always comes the question in mind "can we fix the thing according us or everything is fixed according to stars?. Thats simple answer is here,"yeah we can manage things according us." Next question come," if we can manage so how can or by which way we can do." These type many question people ask, so keep all these in mind we start that blog as we could teach you about remedies in very simple way as when you required then you can decide remedies yourself. if you do not wanna go in detail and need quick remedy for that we also add personnel remedy tab in this blog, where you can ask remedy for your problems in very affordable fee.  
Comes back to the point, how can fix the things according to us.  Here is only one way thats your karma.  Only by your karma you can change your luck destiny and future.  If person well determinate on his karma then he can change own luck.  But, its very tough process in which persons mostly fall down on the way.  Why it happen?  It happen because when person take the birth on the earth some basic things comes along with the person.  Example as you saw some kids get very angry at the age to 2 or 3 years, some are very cool, some cry very much, some irritating. So that nature comes in those kids from birth and those called the basic nature.  As a point of view of astrology that basic comes in the person due to their star positions at birth time.  I hope you must understand the basic nature of person by this example.
Come again back to the point, when we have to fix the things according to us then we have to do hard karma but our  basic nature is in the favor of karma then we do that very easily.  But if our basic nature is not in the favor of that karma then its get very tough or impossible to us.  Now question comes in the mind how can fix our basic nature as we could do hard karma easily and no burden will come in the path of karma.
Here comes the astrological remedies comes in the picture.  Remedies simply fix those things  which stop or abstract the path of karma by which you can succeed.  
In whole of the process always keep in the mind remedies always help you to perform your karma purely.   Remedies remove burden problem, mind blocking and frustration which mean cause who stop your karma.  
I hope you must understand the remedies.  
Remedies could be many type - 
1. Astrological base 
2. Parent control base
3. Environmental experience base
4. Others
Astrological base - 
In this blog we will teach you this in very easy method.  So about this we talk later.
Parent control base -
Some parents maintain discipline and value so high as persons automatically go at the right path of karma.  So here parents control work as a remedies for person to succeed.
Environment experience base - 
Some persons learn very fast by own mistake and run on the path of karma easily.  Here persons experience work as a remedy.
Others -
In others many things comes, some positive, some negative like worship (puja), black magic, scarifies.  They are many believe people do and that work for them as remedies.
Guys here we are astrological person so we will talk about only astrological remedies to make a person life happy.
I hope this much enough for today, next post we start on what basic required for astrological remedies.  
Till then thanking you and bye.